25 May 2018 Press release

Tada! Amsterdam lays the foundation for its new digital policy

Douwe Schmidt
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Photo: CC2.0 Hans Zuyderwijk

The Tada manifesto is the foundation for the new digital policy of the city of Amsterdam. The manifesto will be the city’s manual for making conscious decisions about the possibilities and threats inherent in digital technologies. It will be implemented to ensure that the benefits achieved through digital technologies are distributed fairly.

Yesterday, Amsterdam’s new coalition government – consisting of the Dutch green party (GroenLinks), Democrats 66 (D66), the Socialist Party (SP) and the Labor Party (PvdA) – presented their new plans for the Dutch capital in their coalition agreement. The digitization of the city is an important theme in this agreement, and ‘Tada: data disclosed’ provides the foundation. The six principles of the Tada manifesto about the digital society were drafted over the past year, based on an initiative of the Amsterdam Economic Board, by a wide-ranging coalition of citizens and organizations from the greater Amsterdam region.

“Tada is a wonderful citizens’ initiative that we, as a municipality, can now take to the next level to ensure that the city remains livable for its residents and relevant from an international perspective,” says Jan-Bert Vroege, city council member for D66.

The Tada initiators are proud that the initiative is now being embraced by the new coalition government. The goal of the initiative is to emphasize the frontrunner role adopted by the Amsterdam metropolitan region in the connectivity challenge, ensuring that it is a smart, social city that belongs to and provides for everyone.

“Technology is not neutral and it belongs in the political arena. The fact that Amsterdam is now making Tada a part of municipal policy is invaluable to the city,” says Marleen Stikker – Director of Waag and Tada initiator.

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