Tada! Data Disclosed
With data we make cities smarter. But also wiser?

The 6 principles of our manifesto:



Our digital city is inclusive. We take into account the differences between individuals and groups, without losing sight of equality.



Data and technology should contribute to the freedom of people. Data are meant to serve the people. To be used as seen fit by people to benefit their lives, to gather information, develop knowledge, find room to organise themselves. People stay in control over their data.


Tailored to the people

Data and algorithms do not have the final say. Humanity always comes first. We leave room for unpredictability. People have the right to be digitally forgotten, so that there is always an opportunity for a fresh start.


Legitimate and monitored

Citizens and users have control over the design of our digital city. The government, civil society organizations and companies facilitate this. They monitor the development process and the resulting social consequences.


Open and transparent

What types of data are collected? For what purpose? And what are the outcomes and results? We are always transparent about those aspects.


From everyone - for everyone

Data that government authorities, companies and other organizations generate from the city and collect about the city are held in common. Everyone can use them. Everyone can benefit from them. We make mutual agreements about this.

Tada is an initiative of: